Transform Your Life with Personalized Healing Sessions

Are you ready to break free from the chains of depression and discover a path to profound inner peace?

Why Choose Our Personalized Healing Sessions?

Our approach goes beyond traditional therapy. We dive deep into the core of your suffering to uncover and heal the root causes of your depression.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Deep Exploration: Together, we’ll identify the underlying triggers of your emotional distress.
  • Tailored Guidance: Receive a custom-crafted guided meditation designed specifically for your needs.
  • Holistic Healing: Experience a blend of mindfulness, compassion, and awareness to foster true inner peace.
  • Practical Tools: Walk away with actionable strategies and a personalized meditation to support your ongoing journey.

Step in for Free to Become A Sovereign Entrepreneur

Our 6-week program is for aspiring entrepreneurs and change-makers.
The first week is FREE.
This offer is limited to the first 30 spots.

How I became a Spiritual Healer

I made my way out of clinical depression without traditional therapy or medication.

I rebuilt my life, creating a thriving 6-figure business aligned with my purpose.

The PEACE meditations are based on extensive research in the fields of quantum physics, photon physics, fascia science, and liquid physics.

Client Transformations

I have been living for over 25 years with a rare neurological disease, a type of cerebellar ataxia affecting the cerebellum, which coordinates nerve impulses and muscle activity.In December 2017, shortly after my birthday, my body starkly reminded me of its presence. It literally froze on numerous occasions. A huge doubt and fear of no longer being able to cope with the disease, and losing my independence, overwhelmed me. I sought solutions while embracing these new (yet profoundly painful) life experiences. My path then crossed with Stéphane’s, and today I can proudly say: I fought, but I made it… SO NEVER GIVE UP... Try, believe in it, it’s really worth it.Thank you again, Stéphane, and you have all my gratitude.

I regularly work on the PEACE method, discovering its power more each day. By continuously repeating the mantras, I have fully immersed myself in the process. I vaguely felt that it was a gateway to healing and a true resilience practice. I am now attuned to my bodily sensations, and it feels good to feel my body alive and my mind letting go. I know I am in the right place… An undeniable result is the disappearance of my Raynaud’s syndrome, which I have suffered from since I was 13!

I hope serenity is with each of you. I’d like to share an experience from a brief moment in our last PEACE session, held online as a group. Here’s what happened to me: While I was experiencing severe pain in my uterus due to the first day of my period, to my great surprise, by the end of the session, the physical pain had disappeared, as well as the stress that typically accompanies this type of pain.The power of the effects on the body is extraordinary. By surrendering to pure presence, without any expectations, my whole being exists in a space-time where my original nature reclaims its full rights. Thus, the profound relaxation acting on our tissues reminds the entire body of its self-regulation power. I had no idea this would happen. It occurred quite naturally.Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mireille, for sharing your beautiful connection with us. With love 💞

What’s Included in Your Session?

A session and the your personalized PEACE recording.

In-Depth Consultation (2 Hours)

Personal Discovery: We’ll discuss your unique experiences and challenges.

Emotional Mapping: Identify emotional patterns and blocks.

Strategy Session: Develop a personalized plan for your healing journey.
Custom Guided Meditation

Exclusive Creation: Receive a meditation tailored to your specific needs and experiences.

Personalized Practice: Integrate this tool into your daily life to maintain progress and inner peace.

Why me?

My journey is marked by climaxes - from leading a 7-figure business to overcoming personal adversities such as burnout, homelessness, and even threats against my life. I've forgiven, healed, and emerged stronger, with invaluable insights from both Eastern and Western philosophies, modern science, and ancient wisdom.

Moved from a corporate 9 to 5 manager role to starting and scaling a one-person business to 6 figures
I’ve led a 7 figure family business
Helped spin-offs and startups start and scale
Have received death threats
Have been homeless
Came back stronger after burnout and depression
I have felt bliss on the verge of losing everything
Have traveled East and West, South and North
Kundalini awakened me.
And, I've helped hundreds to change their lives, develop their business, lead better, transition to new work, and have healthier relationships.

I've invested over 85,500 euros over more than 10 years in training, coaching, business development, marketing, and personal development workshops focusing on health, wealth, productivity, coaching, relationships, spirituality, and leadership.

Now offering its full value through my services and products.

Do you want to wake up every day joyful, for no reason?

As long as we are overwhelmed by the tense sensations of our contracted bodily fluids, the 40,000 neurons in our heart continue to wait for the love that remains trapped in our past wounds.
At the center of our heart, in the atrioventricular node, lies a space of absolute peace, where everything can be loved, activated by a high-speed flow of nervous energy passing through our ventral vagus nerve.
The path involves reactivating this center at the neurological and quantum levels, through non-local consciousness that transcends the brain and body.
This space opens up without boundaries in daily life when the body releases its liquid noise and suffering.
Note: The treatments offered here do not replace conventional medicine but can complement it, subject to medical advice.

Have You Heard the Call?

Everyone has felt the pull. The call to greatness.

That silent yearning for something more, something deeper than the materialistic pursuits society often dictates.

If you've felt it, if you're seeking fulfillment beyond the superficial, focus for 4 minutes of your time and read below.

Are you stuck in a 9-5 grind, craving clarity, or just looking for your next big leap? 

Are you feeling trapped and unsure of your next move can be frustrating and disheartening.

Looking for clarity? This is for you.

Imagine continuing down this path without ever realizing your true potential. The daily grind wears you down, your dreams remain unfulfilled, and the feeling of being stuck becomes permanent. Your creativity, potential, and purpose are suffocated.

Over the past decade, I've walked alongside hundreds on their path to:

Break free from unfulfilling roles and dead-end paths,
Combat imposter syndrome,
Overcome feelings of being overwhelmed and drained,
Rediscover their vision during times of doubt and uncertainty,
Reignite their passion and motivation, overcoming burnout, and pursuing their dreams.

If you find yourself going in circles, putting your dreams on pause, feeling like you're meant for more but can't make the leap, you're in the right place.

The Challenge

We’d like to break free and live up to the better standards we have for ourselves and our loved ones. But sometimes, we feel like we run on low battery.

Our mind works as a recorder, imprinting every single experience in our memory. To simplify, let’s picture this memory as a huge library with all our available programs. When our mind recognizes a situation in the outer world, it triggers the use of a program in our library.

Everything runs fine until these programs start to work against us or our goals. But that’s not all. As we live in communities, from families to nations, and even within religious groups, most of these programs are similar to the ones of our neighbors. As much as these programs are useful to live in society, they are also leveling us down. We conform to group norms in order to fit in; we obey authority, we avoid taking risks, and we seek public approval.

These programs limit our creativity. They undermine our authenticity. They stifle personal growth. They discourage innovation and risk-taking. In 5 words, they dim our inner calling.

This inner call is about breaking free from old patterns and stepping into a future where you're in control. No more feeling lost in the crowd.

Don’t mistake me. Most of us are in the crowd. We all suffer from fear of failure. We all seek perfection as a way to escape mediocrity. But the solution is not in extremes but in balance.

This balanced approach encourages us to honor our inner calling, that unique voice within each of us urging toward genuine fulfillment.

Breaking free from these limiting programs means daring to be different, not for the sake of standing out, but to remain true to ourselves. It involves making conscious choices that align with our core values and deepest desires rather than the expectations imposed upon us.

Be careful. Those expectations go deep. Very deep.

In essence, the journey toward unleashing our full potential is a continuous process of unlearning and relearning. It's about stripping away the layers of ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ that society has wrapped around us to reveal the unbounded possibilities that lie within.

Why me?

My journey is marked by climaxes - from leading a 7-figure business to overcoming personal adversities such as burnout, homelessness, and even threats against my life. I've forgiven, healed, and emerged stronger, with invaluable insights from both Eastern and Western philosophies, modern science, and ancient wisdom.

I’ve led a 7 figure family business
Moved from a corporate 9 to 5 manager role to starting and scaling a one-person business to 6 figures
Helped spin-offs and startups start and scale
Have been crushed (burnout followed by depression)
Have received death threats
Have been homeless
Felt bliss
Hated by my father
I have forgiven him
Have worked for the social, private, and public sectors
Have traveled East and West, South and North
Kundalini awakened me.
And, I've helped hundreds to change their lives, develop their business, lead better, transition to new work, and have healthier relationships.
"This program is a game-changer, offering concrete, transformative skills and insights that cater to every aspect of your life" - Pierre-Boris Kalitventzeff

I've invested over 82,500 euros over more than 10 years in training, coaching, and personal development workshops focusing on health, wealth, productivity, coaching, relationships, spirituality, and leadership. Now offering its full value through my services and products.

My inspirations range from ancient wisdom and yoga to modern science insights, like systems theory and quantum physics.

There will be friction.
People will judge you.
There will be struggles.

I have been there.  

You have to be resourceful. If you are still reading, you are.

The moments of doubt are the ones of potential. It's life trying to guide you. I have learned to listen to the voice within.

If you are like me, there are many (voices). And often they are in conflict.  In these moments, you can have a breakdown. Or you can have a breakthrough.

I am here to help you choose the path of breakthrough.

The solution

My coaching program is not just about improvement; it's about mastery. It's designed for those ready to take responsibility for their lives and to embrace the challenges life throws at them as opportunities for growth.

If you are looking for a quick fix, I won’t help (and nothing will).

If you are not ready to embrace the struggle, you’re not ready. I can prepare you. But, know that we’ll go deep into everything that takes you away from your power. Addictions included.

What I have for you is something that can change your life forever. It’s a call for radical responsibility.

It’s a journey:

from misery to mastery
from addiction, refusal, and resistance to embracing the universal story of life
from anxiety to increasing your skills to address ever-bigger challenges

If you're trapped in a cycle of procrastination, doubting yourself, or simply yearning for more in life but unsure how to get there, you're not alone.

My focus? Your inner game.

It's not about fixing what seems broken. It's about rediscovering the warrior spirit within you, that "you" you're missing, that version of yourself that's just waiting to shine.

What's on Offer

Here's my coaching program, designed to guide you on a transformative journey:

Part One: Discovering Your True Self

We'll dive deep into understanding who you are beyond societal expectations and self-doubt. Why? Because knowing your true self is the foundation for creating a fulfilling and authentic life. This part is like your starting blocks. Without them, there's no powerful start.

This phase is about awakening your Inner Warrior, fostering introspection, and self-reflection.
Part Two: Designing Your Future

Together, we'll map out a clear, actionable path toward the life and work you dream of. Why? Because it's by having a vision paired with concrete steps that you can achieve your dreams. This stage aligns with the Outer Warrior phase, emphasizing discipline and perseverance.
Part Three: Turning Challenges into Strengths

Transform your obstacles into opportunities, embodying the Perfected Warrior. This phase focuses on achieving enlightenment and inner peace through overcoming personal and professional challenges. We'll tackle your biggest obstacles head-on, turning them into stepping stones for growth. Why? Because overcoming these challenges is what primes you for real, lasting change.

Together, we'll build new foundations rooted in self-confidence, consistency, and a sense of achievement that truly satisfies you.

Unlock Your Full Potential

Imagine a life where:

Your Work aligns perfectly with your Values
Your Relationships are nurturing and supportive
Your Creativity solves problems and expresses your unique self,
Your Courage faces fears head-on
Your Discipline helps you maintain your path
Your Clarity guides every decision.

Ready to Change Your Narrative?

90% of decision-making errors come from perception biases. Together, we'll rewrite your story, enabling you to step into your power and actualize your dreams.

Who This Is For

Solo entrepreneurs creating their path.

- Overcome uncertainty and fear of failure;
 - Gain clarity of purpose, resilience, and build a roadmap to success.
Leaders building or managing teams.

Overcome conflict and low engagement;
- Gain leadership and personal integrity..
Family business owners navigating legacy and change.
- Overcome the chasm between tradition and innovation and family dynamics;
- Gain progress, freedom, effectiveness, and leave a legacy.

How the coaching program has changed their lifes

Some clients have decided to share their journey of transformation.

Their testimonials show some marks of what they have achieved.

The Spiritual Warrior's Path

In just 7 days, you will:
Day 1: How Your Perception Shapes Your Reality - Understand how perception influences your life decisions and begin to see the world with newfound clarity.
Day 2: From Scarcity to Abundance - Plan Your Journey - Shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance, and learn to plan your journey with the end in mind.
Day 3: Creating from Consciousness - Harness the power of consciousness to unlock your creative potential.
Day 4: Discover Your North Star - Identify your North Star and gain unwavering direction in your life.
Day 5: The Power of Choice - Realize the power of your choices and take control of your destiny.
Day 6: Break the Habits that Sabotage Your Success - Identify and overcome habits that hinder your success.
Day 7: Techniques to Regulate Your Nervous System - Master techniques to regulate your nervous system for enhanced control and inner peace.

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Experience quick wins and tangible progress without any risk.You're closer to your dream business than you think.

Let’s make it a reality together.

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Here are the quick wins you will get immediately:
Recognize the default path vs. the path less traveled and become sensitive to new possibilities.
Learn the Tahiti effect and how thinking abundantly can lead to growth and security.
Tap into your creative power by recognizing and using your inner resources.
Find your guiding star through techniques to identify and follow your true purpose.
Learn how to think differently to make empowered decisions.Identify and start breaking self-sabotaging habits.
Learn and practice techniques like deep breathing and mindfulness to manage stress and emotions.