From an engineering and business management background, I ventured into coaching, systems theory, spirituality, and human development. I initially ventured in the tech sector, 5 years at a big player and then leading an innovative SME, driven by challenge and a commitment to family legacy. Yet, in 2010, a personal awakening revealed I was conforming, rather than pursuing passion. This took me to coaching, neurosciences, and yoga.

I didn't heed the call completely and returned to the tech industry. Together with my team, we transformed the company into an agile organization, achieving 3X growth in 4 years.

In 2015, an existential crisis hit me hard.

It shattered my work and personal life.

Pointing to topics Pierre-Boris writes about: Leadership & Impact, Personal Growth, Self Realization, Relationships, Navigating Change.

There I was, grappling with guilt, struck by illness at a pivotal moment in my professional journey. The weight of expectations, coupled with the emotional complexities of my relationship with my father - marked a yearning for recognition - further deepened the darkness.

This darkness drove me deeper into Yoga and spirituality. In these challenging times, I envisioned a scenario where everything material was lost. Paradoxically, this brought forth a fleeting moment of pure bliss, an epiphany. Real happiness wasn't tethered to the material but found in moments of selfless dedication to purpose, with clarity, detachment, and virtue.

I accepted the spiritual name of 'Jodha Amrit Singh,' - The Lion who by accepting grace of God into his heart, lives with the courage of a spiritual warrior. This was another significant event that pushed me closer to a profound realization.

In the summer of 2023, following a heartwarming family celebration, an unexpected event with my father brought me to a crossroads. Faced with this challenging situation, I chose to remain composed, embodying the principles of non-violence. In the days that followed, as the weight of the event were trying to make their way in, threatening to pull me back into past emotional depths, I anchored myself in awareness, understanding and compassion. Drawing upon my spiritual practices, I decided on non-attachment, non-judgment, and above all, unconditional love. I've found a profound peace and strength in loving awareness.

This recent experience was transformative. My old self, with its lingering shadows and desires, no longer stood in the way. I deepened the understanding that living by core values of compassion was the only path forward.

This newfound clarity and my decision to share these insights with the world culminated in the birth of "The Inner Journey" newsletter. The writings of Chogyam Trungpa, constantly reminding me of our inherent goodness, serve as a touchstone in this enlightening voyage.

I believe my unique journey, replete with challenges and insights, became my strength in helping others lead a better life.

My mission is to foster a world of light and unity, channeling divine grace to illuminate our shared humanity.

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Thought Leadership

From awareness to Impact

I delve into themes like self-realization, authentic relating, leadership and impact, writing to unveil your true essence and unlock your potential.



Developing self awareness (mindfulness, meditation)
Self-Mastery (building habits, mental resilience)
Spiritual Alignment (understanding the Sacred Masculine, balancing energies)



Non Violent Communication
Emotional Intelligence (de-escalation, navigating relationships)
Compassionate Interactions



From Reacting to Creating
Spirituality and leadership
Positive impact



Building new habits
Resilience (building a strong mindset, embracing uncertainty)
Emotional Agility (recognizing triggers, emotional regulation)

Embark on 'The Inner Journey' to unleash your innate wisdom and transform your world.

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