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Many of the barriers we face are those we've set for ourselves. You are the master of your fate. With my coaching, take the leap, transform your inner perspective, and watch the world around you evolve as in your dreams.


Coaching testimonies

"Now I have a clear vision. I'm taking action, and that's a huge change. This coaching has not only helped me overcome my fears but has also integrated profound teachings into my personal growth journey."

Natalie, Personal Development Blogger and Trainer

Coaching testimonies

"Whatever stage you're at, this coaching plays an incredible role in elevating you to the next level. I've found it particularly enriching in blending professional growth with personal transformation, while trying to connect purpose with everyday work. »

Roald, Entrepreneur, Startup Coach, and Investor

Coaching testimonies

"The coaching was timely and I could transition to my new role with confidence and peace of mind. I was concerned about the image I'd project.  Now, I feel rounded, better prepared to handle stress and conflicts, and more in tune with my authentic self."

Sylvie, Financial Director

Coaching testimonies

"Your coaching touched something very deep and vulnerable within me, helping me relinquish the control that was preventing me from being fully authentic. Your emotional intelligence is helping me journey inward, transforming my life, ever so gently."

Agnes, Retail Chain Director

Coaching testimonies

"What did this coaching change? A sensation of living more fully, of being more present to myself, others, and the world. It has helped me confront my fears and, therefore, dare more. I wake up choosing my day rather than enduring it"

Naomi, Independent Professional

Coaching testimonies

"Pierre-Boris's guidance gave me immediate trust and clarity. His incisive questions were a turning point in my career. I've achieved what seemed impossible and now confidently create my own opportunities."

William, Leader in a Multinational Company
(real name not disclosed)

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How Coaching Transforms Lives

Ceiling of the Jesus Cave in Jerusalem, symbolizing ancient spiritual wisdom and history.Cedar wood and a sacred masculine stick, used for purification and creating sacred spaces in spiritual practices.

Where Inner Light Meets Outer Change

Inspired by spiritual masters and thought leaders like Chögyam Trungpa, Alberto Villoldo, Thich Nhat Hanh, Margaret Wheatley, and Gabor Maté, among others, my coaching approach fuses elements of new sciences (systems theory, quantum physics), and spiritual wisdom from diverse traditions like Kundalini yoga, Buddhism and shamanism. This unique blend aims to catalyze profound, sustainable, actionable transformation.

Change is the bridge between the past and a transformative future. Repeating old strategies won't shape a different tomorrow. It's about evolving beliefs, habits, postures, decisions, and declarations, not fixing what's 'broken' or conforming you to norms of success or happiness. The teacher is inside. I will guide you in a journey inward- to the Light Warrior that resides within each of us.

As we journey together, we'll find the hidden facets of your true self, waiting for the right moment to emerge. By creating a nurturing environment, these qualities will naturally unfold, allowing us to establish a renewed, rooted sense of your authentic self.

This is where spirituality meets actionable change—empowering you individually and enhancing your community impact.

Everything that can be made another day can be done today
Everything that can be done another day can be done today


Uncover Your True Essence. Make a Lasting Impact

  • Unlock your potential for an authentic you
  • Navigate life's challenges with confidence
  • Empower yourself to impact your world positively
  • Start a transformative journey toward sustainable results

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