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Lifestyle, Self-realization

Ego vs. True Self: A Warrior's Guide to Transformation

Discovering the difference between your ego and your true self is key to our Inner Journey. Learn how to connect with your inner wisdom, navigate challenges, and make a positive impact in the world.

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Lifestyle, Self-realization

Uncharted Courage: Transforming Fear into Enlightened Wisdom

Explore the transformative power of fear without succumbing to recklessness. Delve into how understanding and embracing your fears can lead to personal growth, enlightenment, and a deeper connection with your inner self. Join us on a journey of self-discovery, where fear becomes an ally in unveiling your true potential and wisdom.

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Health & Wellness

Depression: How to get rid of it without medication or therapy. Forever.

Discover how to overcome depression without medication or therapy. Explore holistic approaches including self-compassion, mindfulness, Ayahuasca, and self-inquiry for lasting mental freedom and emotional healing. Join a profound journey to beat persistent sadness and reclaim your life from within.

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I am Pierre-Boris, I help entrepreneurs, creators and leaders align their life and work with their purpose.

From introvert, broken and depressed to spiritual guide and personal development coach, I've used my atypical background to make a positive impact on hundreds of people's lives. Combining 'new sciences and ancient wisdom, I draw on diverse traditions, teachings and practices to guide human beings in a journey from Ego to Self. Their transformation impacts all aspects of their lifes, from their physical and emotional health to their positive impact on the world around them.
Pierre-Boris Kalitventzeff