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Navigating Change

Transcending Ego: The Story of Interconnected Reality.

As you might stand on the threshold of a new chapter, it's a time for reflection and fresh perspectives. Separate or interconnected? Which narrative will you choose to embrace, shaping your reality and defining your place in the world?

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Health & Wellness

How to Be Happy with Four Thoughts: Lessons from the Happiest Nation on Earth.

Finland's quiet joy: embodying happiness without envy, forging joy with resilience and modesty, and embracing life's seasons with equanimity.

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Friction to Fortune: Grow Bigger, Think Wider

Unlock the transformative power of diversity and conflict in personal development. Discover how stepping out of your comfort zone and into diverse social circles can catalyze growth, from ego to eco, and reveal your unique place in the cosmos. Join us on a journey beyond the self.

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I am Pierre-Boris, I help entrepreneurs, creators and leaders align their life and work with their purpose.

From introvert, broken and depressed to spiritual guide and personal development coach, I've used my atypical background to make a positive impact on hundreds of people's lives. Combining 'new sciences and ancient wisdom, I draw on diverse traditions, teachings and practices to guide human beings in a journey from Ego to Self. Their transformation impacts all aspects of their lifes, from their physical and emotional health to their positive impact on the world around them.
Pierre-Boris Kalitventzeff