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Lifestyle, Self-realization

Unveiling the Hidden Self: Journey Through Shadow Work to Discover Your Wholeness

Explore the hidden parts of yourself with "Unveiling the Hidden Self." Learn how to understand and accept all parts of who you are, turning your hidden strengths into power. This journey is all about getting to know your true self and living a life that's fully you.

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Mastering Complexity: Compassionate Leadership in Turbulent Times

In the pursuit of organizational excellence, one must often revisit the core from which their influence emanates. It is this introspection that fosters a more profound leadership dynamic, characterized by a keen understanding of the self and its relation to the collective. This Inner Journey issue offers structured approach to this reflective practice, designed for leaders who are committed to cultivating a conscious and purpose-driven environment. Step forward into this transformative exploration and become the leader who not only anticipates change but embodies it.

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Lifestyle, Self-realization

Four Winds: A Shamanic Voyage to Unleash Your True Potential

Discover a shamanic ritual, the Four Winds, to align life's purpose, shed the past, face fears, honor wisdom, and soar to new heights.

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I am Pierre-Boris, I help entrepreneurs, creators and leaders align their life and work with their purpose.

From introvert, broken and depressed to spiritual guide and personal development coach, I've used my atypical background to make a positive impact on hundreds of people's lives. Combining 'new sciences and ancient wisdom, I draw on diverse traditions, teachings and practices to guide human beings in a journey from Ego to Self. Their transformation impacts all aspects of their lifes, from their physical and emotional health to their positive impact on the world around them.
Pierre-Boris Kalitventzeff